Bowarr Management LTD


About us

We support existing businesses

in recognizing core issues, formulating customized ways to increase the value-worth of the business in order to either continue generating from the business or to move forward to a lucrative selling pitch.

We provide buyers in the market looking for existing business in the UAE with well rounded due diligence reports and feasibility studies to allow them to make an informed decision. Utilizing data, analysis, practical experience, statistics and academic knowledge we want your initial business investment to be worth its best value.
About us Section
Utilizing data, analysis, practical experience, statistics and academic knowledge we want your initial business investment to be worth its best value.

Vision statement

Be the number one choice of advisory partner for entrepreneurs seeking to buy or sell business in the UAE.


What Bowarr Management Ltd ensures is that businesses that are looking to sell-out get a boost of its worth allowing for its best value.

How we do this is with factual data, experience, knowledge and innovative strategies we analyse, monitor and rejuvenate your business to its best worth for either continued operation or for sellout.

For investors in the market to buy a business we equip you with useful information and know-how on buying a business and protect you by providing feasibility studies and extensive due diligence reports.

Why we provide these services is because we want entrepreneurs to be confident in making their best business decision


Compliance & risk
management services

Analysis and assessment

Provide in-depth analysis and assessment on the interested business’ structure

Quantify and control risks

Develop policies for buyers or sellers to reduce regulatory and reputational risks

Rules and regulation controls

Provide a control that enables compliance to relevant rules & regulation applicable to businesses

Feasibility study

Profit determination

Technical feasibility studies will be prepared to determine project profitability during its operation period, for concise analysis

Project management


Complete guidance to the planning process of projects and initiation of new ideas


Assistance for project organization in respect to the prior planning

Project objective achievement

Provides advice from allocated budget management to objective achievement for the respective project

Organization objectives

Ensuring that resources and relationships are set to achieve goals of the organization and not merely limited to the project

Schedule project management

Develop and implement a timely schedule for the completion of the projects


Administrative analysis

Provides an efficient analysis of policy and resource allocation while identifying behavioral trends to gauge performance

Procedural engineering

Developing structured procedures for efficiency

Cash flows & work flow

Developing cash flows and related work flow to analyze and reform revenue

Internal policy

Developing and reforming internal policy to establish standards for smooth workplace operation

Organizational restructuring

Developing structured procedures for efficiency

Strategic planning

Setting resources and operations in an innovative manner to establish an agreement with the goal of the business’s optimization

Innovative working procedures

Implementing ways to encourage seamless working procedures in order to utilize the complete potential of the business

Administrative management

Financial planning

Planning efficient strategies to increase profit capacity of your business


Provide financial monitoring and advice based on current performance and desired outcome


Strengthening the administrative system to maximize from available resources

Strategizing & organizing

Creating a strategy to organize smooth admin operation

Business process optimization

Improving the business processes to strengthen performance

Business Health

Assess Your Business Health for Value Building

Evaluating the resilience and strength of your business is vital for the success of your business.

Business Health Check-up

Every business has strengths and weaknesses.

What is a Business Health Check-up?

A business health check-up is a crucial diagnostic tool to look into the financial status of your business, find and resolve any potential issues, align your business strategy with your business vision, and review strategy, processes, people, and performance.

Why Business Health Matters

To ensure your business thrives and stays ahead of the competition, you must look at the bigger picture as a business owner.

How Does the Process work?

Our business health check-up process is designed for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

Why Choose Us

Improving the business processes to strengthen performance

Assess Your Business Health Now

Our team will help you understand your company’s financial health and give an overview of your business’s strengths and weaknesses.


As an investor, whether you are planning to simply restructure, sell or buy a business, our services will benefit you by.

Adding valuable resource

Our experience, expertise, knowledge, result driven strategies and expanded contacts can not only rejuvenate a business but also make for an excellent resource, whatever path you chose for your investment.


During the long process of selling out, the business will need to be operated, as selling out can take anywhere between 3 to 12 months at the least. You as a owner can focus on your running and operating your business while we look through an exclusively versatile market of potential buyers for you.

Regulatory Needs
& Awareness

From transaction and technical obstacles to uncertainties that bring down confidence in selling or buying businesses. Providing knowledge of finer more technical details to avoid any future turbulence.

Maximization for seller
& Minimization for Buyer

Maximization for seller and Minimization for buyer Maximize your business worth, with a lucrative pitch and resources that will aid in adding value. Minimize by limiting your start-up expenses and risks while buying a business in the UAE with our expertise.