A common dilemma almost all investors face is to decide whether to start a business from scratch or to buy one.
Think of it this way, the new business you may want to start up or invest in:

An established business would have mostly crossed all of those checks above. A business that would have a decent ROI while being a good shortcut to skipping over the deadly start-up failure chances could ideally be a more feasible option for most.

The key, however, would be to find the most suitable business which would be worth it, this means finding a business that has:

As an investor or an entrepreneur if in the market looking for the above will require deeper knowledge and understanding of buying businesses. You could go into the market by yourself as have many or look for a specialized expert entity to help with your purchase.
If choosing the latter, the outsourced companies ideally understand the local rules and regulations, banking legalities, and other processes in terms of buying and selling businesses. They would be able to get a full conclusive report of whether the businesses you may be considering are overpriced, flawed or functional, the entire due diligence, and its feasibility reports.
Outsourcing to professionals to buy a business would mean:

Buying an established business would be an ideal decision if you plan to get returns as soon as possible with a more guaranteed basis of investment, compared to starting from scratch.
In doing so, if you decide to go into the market for a business and that too with experts, to help through the process, it could benefit you by aiding in making an informed business decision while ensuring a value-worthy purchase.

Whether to invest in a new business or to invest in an established one, either with the help of an entity or without, it is always a plus to consider all options thoroughly.

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