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No, we do not represent both at the same time. Our focus, on businesses looking to sell, is to reshape and boost value to maximize on the businesses worth for the sellers. If our clients are looking into purchasing an established business we work at substantially reducing the price to minimize unnecessary costs that can incur for investors. Therefore we can not represent both parties while providing these services for both parties within the same deal.

We charge an advisory fee per hour on the project’s basis. Our fee is not based on the value of the final deal. We charge for the services that we provide for your business as we work solely for the interest of your business.

Save your time and expertise for your business, professional services aiding in sell-out will reshape your business to make it worth more in the market, therefore, selling it for a better value.

Hiring a professional saves you from the potential waste of investment as they provide you with facts, data and comparisons with full conclusion reports that can further negotiate the buying price of the business. Being informed about the market is critical when buying, as experts are specialized and aware of sources and facts. You are also provided with feasibility studies that save a potential waste of investment by better understanding the investment you are about to make.

The valuation of your business process will include analyzing factors like cash flow, ROI, asset valuation, and the potential of earnings. This process will help determine what needs to be tweaked to increase the value of the overall business.

When your business is performing to its optimum, on the market, when there is demand and you are most confident about the business performance. That is the time to sell it for its best value.

Location of the business, assets of the business, team, process and procedures that are in place, compliance, banking and IT system used, are some of the many factors to take into consideration.

Over 50% of businesses fail, statistically, within the first 5 years of existence. This is because building a business from scratch can have many trials and errors, especially in a new region, it takes resources, reputation, and years to build the business, it is safer to invest in an established business and start generating secure returns immediately, rather than risking and experimenting in an expensive market.