Discover answers to key questions about our M&A advisory services. If you have a specific inquiry not covered here, our team is here to help'

Do you represent buyers and sellers at the same time?

No, we strictly adhere to ethical guidelines and represent either the buyer or the seller in a transaction, ensuring complete transparency and avoiding conflicts of interest.

What is your fee?

Our fee structure is individually tailored for each engagement and is determined by the scope and complexity of the transaction. We discuss this with our clients upfront for complete clarity and do offer various alternative and entrepreneurial models. 

Why should I hire professional services when planning to sell out?

Engaging professional M&A services guarantees expert guidance in valuation, negotiations, and navigating complex legal procedures. This maximizes the value you receive for your business.

Why hire an expert to do the due diligence when buying a business?

Due diligence experts possess the expertise to identify potential risks and opportunities, ensuring you make an informed decision and safeguard your investment.

What is my business really worth?

The valuation of your business process will include analyzing factors like cash flow, ROI, asset valuation, and the potential of earnings. This process will help determine what needs to be tweaked to increase the value of the overall business.

When is it the right time to sell my business?

When your business is performing to its optimum, on the market, when there is demand and you are most confident about the business performance. That is the time to sell it for its best value. The right time to sell also depends your personal objectives too . Our advisors provide tailored advice to help you make this critical decision.

What factors to consider before buying a business?

Location of the business, assets of the business, team, process and procedures that are in place, compliance, banking and IT system used, are some of the many factors to take into consideration.

Why buy a business instead of starting one?

Acquiring an established business offers immediate market presence, an existing customer base, and proven revenue streams. It's often a more efficient and lower-risk entry into a market compared to starting from the ground up.

In which industries do you specialize?

We possess expertise across a diverse range of industries, including [list industries]. Our extensive experience enables us to provide tailored solutions for various sectors.

How long does the M&A process typically take?

The duration of an M&A transaction can vary based on factors like the complexity of the deal and regulatory requirements. On average, it may take [insert average time frame].

What role does confidentiality play in the M&A process?

Confidentiality is paramount in M&A transactions. We take extensive measures to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring that details are only disclosed to authorized parties.

How do you identify potential buyers or sellers for a transaction?

Leveraging our extensive network and employing various strategies, including market research and targeted outreach, we identify suitable buyers or sellers based on the specific criteria of the transaction.

What happens if a deal doesn't go through?

While we work diligently to facilitate successful transactions, sometimes deals may not materialize due to various reasons. In such cases, we continue to explore alternative options and strategies.